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We offer the capacity and quality necessary to advise and educate all our clients in order to have the best insurance option..

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Rayne Health Advisors was created to educate our community about their benefits within the Medicare department.  Concentrating in guiding them to make the right choice for themself.  Making sure they understand Medicare, Medicaid and Extra help assistance saving programs.


Health Advisors and health Insurance Plans

We accompany you in the best search for the best medical plan, based on your doctors and medications. The best option for your needs.

Get Covered

Quality health insurance for everyone,  we make sure we will guide you and help get the best plan with Horizon Omnia and get all the savings possible. Based on your income, you may qualify for free or low-cost health insurance. 

Medicare & Medicaid Benefits

We make sure you will receive all the benefits possible with your Medicare and Medicaid.
Such as OTC Over-the-Counter purchases, Vision, Dental and Hearing, Low copays, Saving program, Gym membership and Transportation.


Health Insurance experts who are here to help you enroll in a plan that will get you all the benefits you need. By knowing your options available for you and your family.
You can get our help by phone, home visit or visiting our location.

Saving Programs

We help you apply and understand saving programs such as  Paad, SLMB, Pharmaceutical Assistance program and more. Helping you save Part B premium, medicine expenses, Copays and more.

We offer the best advisory service in your medical insurance plans.

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Rayne Hernandez

Insurance medicare Expert

Ana elena


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We have a place for every client who needs our services. We help everyone with Medicare, Medicaid and Individual health insurance (Obama care).

We offer a service for everyone with Medicare and Medicare. Assisting with Medicare benefits and additional help to lower out-of-pocket costs.

The first thing we need to do is make an appointment to verify all the benefits you can get. Under your Medicare, Medicaid and Individual health insurance (Obama care).


    Insurance Medicare Expert 
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    How can we help you?